Justin Guese

Justin Guese

I, Justin Güse, am the founder of Datafortress.cloud. After working for Porsche Holding in an innovation/data science division, where I developed many projects ranging from Big Data to Virtual Reality (see portfolio), I decided to found my own company.

During my time at Porsche, I observed that many agencies or consultants do not have the main goal to satisfy their clients’ needs as the main priority, but rather how to achieve the minimal needed tasks in the shortest amount of time.

Consultants were analyzing the situation but left us alone when it came to the application or the development. Oftentimes agencies struggled because the person executing a project is different from a consultant, which caused a lot of confusion and errors.

It is my belief, that great projects can only be achieved if an agency both plans/consults a partner, and offers the execution, or at least recommended partners as well. We will not just propose an insane plan and leave the execution to someone else – we plan thoroughly what is possible and how it can become a reality.

Furthermore, it is my belief, that if I will take the extra mile to fully satisfy a contract, that we can establish a trust-based relationship and maybe even start new projects together with the budget that might be saved due to our cooperation.

DataFortress.cloud is your partner for high quality, state-of-the-art solutions.